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Script Your Brand Program

Script Your Brand Program

The Script Your Brand™ 12-week group coaching program is designed for entrepreneurs who want to build more stability in their business and brand by writing a book that leads to their high-ticket offer. 

9 Modules

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Welcome to Script Your Brand! 

Welcome to the Script Your Brand community! We're so happy to have you! 

Here you'll find support and resources for the program. 

Make sure to watch the walkthrough video below so you'll know how the program is structured. 

If at any time during the program you need to get in contact with someone, please email us at support@studio8twentytwo.com 

Expect to receive a response within 2 business days (excluding any holidays during the week). 

Our office hours are Monday through Friday from: 

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (CST)

Script Your Brand Walkthrough 

1: Script Your Brand

In this module, you'll learn how to find your superpower and develop your Brand Script. 

2: Writing Your Book & Developing Upsells

This is where you begin to write your book and develop the upsells you'll include in your funnel. 

3: Visual Branding

This module focuses on how to create professional-looking branding and graphics for your offer. We will be covering:

1. Color palettes
2. Font pairings
3. Graphics

4: Build Your Sales Funnel

In this module, we’ll help you set up your sales funnel. The Write a Book, Build a Brand model requires 3 parts in your funnel 

  • Front end product (your book) & upsell pages
  • Back end call booking page/ application
  • Membership area

5: Creating a Self-Monetizing Member's Area

This module will show you how to set up, design, and prepare your membership area where you can deliver your main offer and upsells to your new customers.

Inside you’ll find:

  • MemberVault Overview

6: Automating Your Tech Stack

Nothing will work if it's not properly connected. This module covers how to connect everything from your funnel, to email, to your member's area. 

7: Launching Your Funnel

This module is all about launching organically. I understand that many people may not have enough budget to launch their offer with Facebook ads right away especially after spending money on hiring editors, formatters, designers, and new technology to grow their business. 

8: Coaching Call Replays

Here you'll find all coaching call replays and transcripts. 

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